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How I Learned to Stop Worryin

How I Learned to Stop Worrying | Self-Development | Note 347


Stop trying to control every detail.


Worrying too much can be paralyzing. I know this because it used to happen to me. Before the pandemic, I spent a lot of my time traveling. Anyone close to me knows it was common for me to book my travel a few days before the trip. I would dismiss it as being a poor planner, but in reality, I spent a lot of time worrying.
I spent a lot of time paralyzed from the stress of not picking the best flight, the right hotel, the best area to stay in, and not having enough time to see the best attractions in each city. I also worried about the hotel pools, along with other things. I have a thing for hotel swimming pools.
Worrying about every little detail caused me a great deal of anxiety. Worrying about these things prevented me from taking action.
It’s laughable when I think about it. I’ve never worried about being late, speaking in front of crowds, job interviews, or anything most people worry about. But with traveling, little details became an obsession.
Excessive worrying is exhausting. And I was tired of being tired, so I had to learn to stop worrying so much. I learned to relax and to stop trying to control every detail. Some things aren’t meant to be.
Everyone worries about something. But, when worrying becomes a habit, Houston, we have a problem. You’ll never eliminate worrying, but you can learn to control it.
The experts recommend things like meditation, deep breathing, and journaling to help you cope with worrying. But what about learning to relax? How about keeping a positive attitude?
What would happen if you believed worrying was a waste of your time? What would happen if you realized worrying doesn’t change anything? There are some things you can’t control. So how do you learn to curb your worrying?
What if I told you it is as simple as deciding? Choosing to make quick decisions and move on is how I learned to stop worrying.





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