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Connect With Your Future Self

Connect With Your Future Self | Note 576


Are you in control of your future?

Welcome to the Sincerely HER Podcast. Before we jump into 2023, I want to say thank you! I appreciate your support. I appreciate all of you who have used the links in the podcast description to share my bite-sized motivation with your friends, sign up for my weekly newsletter, and buy me a cup of coffee.
As 2022 comes to a close, I thought there was no better time than now to reflect on your future self. Last year I compiled the best of my personal development, mindset, affirmations, self-improvement and motivational quotes from the Sincerely HER Podcast hoping you will take an introspective look at your personal growth. My goal this year is to help you reconnect with who you are and who you want to become as we close out this year. Today is all about discovering your future self.
It may be hard to think and care about a version of yourself that you haven’t met, but you should.
Because what you think about is what you feel and how you feel creates your future.
Get specific about becoming the best version of yourself.
What are you doing in the future?
Where do you live?
Where do you work?
Are you self-employed?
Are you single? Married?
What’s your net worth?
Do you travel the world?
It’s time to ask yourself some tough questions about how you see yourself in the future.
There is no better time to think about who you want to be in ten years, five years, or one year from today.
What do you think about?
What do you focus on?
What are you creating with your thoughts?
Are you living a life by default, or are you intentionally shaping your future?
Can you see your future self?
Now is the time to kick off your self-discovery journey by reviewing what is important to you today and then becoming, doing, and having everything you desire in the future.
You’ll get the same results if you keep doing the same things. Becoming static, stuck, and possibly even declining is guaranteed if you don’t get serious about your future.
Now is the time to make a choice. Who you are and want to be is in the way of you becoming your future self.
So, release your current self and move on so you can connect with your future self.





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