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Actively Self-Reflect

Actively Self-Reflect | Personal Growth | Note 341


Self-reflection is essential to your personal growth.


Self-awareness is crucial if you want to succeed in life. And self-awareness starts with self-reflection.
What is self-reflection?
It’s when you take a step back and reflect on your life — when you really look at yourself and ask what do I want, why do I act the way I do, where do I want to go, and why do I feel the way I do.
Self-reflection is your ability to look at yourself and assess your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual state.
Self-reflection helps you understand why you think and act the way you do. It’s a way to understand who you are and an opportunity to gain greater clarity on your feelings, emotions, and actions.
To grow, be a better version of yourself, and achieve everything you want in life, self-reflection is necessary. Self-reflection is essential to your personal growth.
When you don’t take the time to self-reflect, you get stuck. You no longer grow. You stay in situations, from poor relationships to dead-end jobs that don’t elevate you or bring you joy.
It’s important not to let self-reflection turn into self-judgment, including comparing yourself to others, but if you want to grow and achieve those super-size goals, you must actively self-reflect.





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