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Your Thoughts Create Your Life | Note 151

Do you believe anything is possible?

What you’re thinking about right now is creating your life.
You create your life every second.
You create your life every minute.
You create your life every hour.
You create your life every day.
You create your life every month.
You create your life every year.
Your thoughts can create fear and stress or joy, harmony, and peace. What are you creating?
You choose your words, emotions, attitude, and actions. You make your life what you want it to be. If you want things to be different, be different. Instead of spending your time with negative emotions, picture yourself being the best you possible.
Change what you do and how you feel. Take responsibility for where you are in life now, and decide where you want to go. Do and think something better. Be willing to dream bigger. Believe anything is possible because your thoughts create your life.




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