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I Will Persist Until I Proceed | Note 150

Things may seem impossible.

Thanks for spending two minutes with me today. First-time listeners and visitors to, welcome. I’m glad you found me and the Sincerely HER podcast. Returning visitors, I appreciate your continued support.

This is the 150th note on the Sincerely HER Podcast. Wow! Time moved so fast. It was just the 50th episode where I talked about dropping some interviews I have done. Next week, I will finally drop my first interview no matter what. You have permission to hold me to my word. 

I like to end the week with a positive affirmation to encourage you to be the best you possible. For the 100th note, I wrote a special note with close to 100 affirmations. For this note, I’m doing something different. I’m going to leave you with one powerful affirmation. 

Today’s Note: I Will Persist Until I Proceed

Things may be hard.
Things may not always be easy.
Things may seem impossible.
Things may happen around you.
The things that happen in you are the things that count.
But remember, things happen for you, not to you. 
No matter how bad things get, they can always get better.
Grab a pencil and write this down: I will persist until I proceed.
Have a wonderful weekend, but remember to stay focused and get sh*t done. 



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