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80% Of What You Do Doesn’t Matter

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He quit.
Yes, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, one of my favorite authors, threw in the towel on his YouTube channel.
Another one of my favorite YouTubers also decided to switch up his content.
You might also feel like it’s time to change and do something different.
After all, the new year is approaching, and this is the time people begin to go through that “should have, would have, could have” phase. This is also when people reflect on what they did and did not do all year and how next year will be different.
And yes, it’s also when the masses speak about their New Year’s resolutions.
You know, “New Year, New Me.
Been there. Done that.
Here’s a thought. Why not take this time to focus on the things that will bring you closer to how you imagine your life should be?

What about focusing on the things that produce the best results?
In fact, chances are you can get rid of and stop doing 80% of the stuff you are doing.
The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, unveils a fascinating pattern in various aspects of life, from economics to productivity. This principle, which suggests that 80% of outcomes stem from 20% of causes, leads to the “Law of the Vital Few,” emphasizing the significant impact of a small number of factors on observed results. It’s like the ultimate life hack, revealing vital secrets to maximizing your efforts and outcomes!
Imagine your daily to-do list as a buffet of tasks. With the Pareto Principle, you can zero in on the two most important dishes that satisfy 80% of your hunger for accomplishment.
By indulging in these priority tasks first, you’ll leave the less appetizing 80% for later, ensuring you still feast on success even if you don’t clean your plate. It’s like having your cake and eating it too — just make sure it’s the vital 20% of cake!
Are your wheels spinning yet?
Curious how the 80/20 rule applies to other areas of your life? Here’s how:

1. Work:

“80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.”


2. Happiness:

“80% of your happiness comes from 20% of your activities or relationships.”


3. Finances:

“80% of your wealth comes from 20% of your financial activities or investments.”


4. Life:

“80% of your success and fulfillment comes from 20% of your actions or choices.”

Need another more practical example?
Want to travel more while doing less? Apply the 80/20 rule to your adventures!
Consider focusing on the top 20% of activities that will give you 80% of the enjoyment. Skip the overrated tourist traps. Spend time with your friends or seek unique local experiences.
Many people are busy but not very productive because they spend most of their time doing tasks that don’t produce much value.


Although I was somewhat disappointed that Dr. Benjamin Hardy left YouTube and unlisted most of his videos, I get it.
He is all about 10xing his gains. And as he said in his goodbye announcement, from a strategy standpoint, you want your future self to be 10x, and that 10x future self determines the 80 and the 20.
For him, his YouTube channel is now part of his 80% and the reason he is moving on from posting videos to his channel.
So, instead of going through the extras of “getting ready” for the new year only to continue to do the stuff that is not making an impact, maybe now is the time to simplify your life and focus on what will.
Now is the perfect time to consider how to use the 80/20 rule in your life so that as you enter the new year, you can focus clearly on the few vital things that will make the biggest difference. This will enable you to prioritize effectively and achieve greater success.
Understanding the 80/20 rule won’t just bring you joy; it might also fill your pockets!
This principle is the key to achieving more with less effort, so mastering it could lead to happiness and wealth. After all, who wouldn’t want to work less and achieve more in the new year?
The 80/20 rule is like finding a shortcut to success, right?
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