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You Learn By Finishing | Note 163

How will you ever know what could be?

“You have to finish things— that’s what you learn from, you learn by finishing things.” – Neil Gaiman, Best-selling Author
Yesterday, I talked about moving from idea to action. Many people go through the motions, but that motion never actually leads to results because they’re stuck prepping and planning instead of taking action. 
Prepping and planning is necessary. However, what’s the point of wasting time prepping and planning for something you will not finish? Giving up on what you started is a mistake, and it’s one you should avoid at all costs if you don’t want to get stuck in the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve thought process.
Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes you have to move on from things that don’t serve you. But not following through on your hopes, your dreams, and your goals is a mistake. If you don’t see things from start to finish, how will you ever know what could be?
How will you learn what works and what doesn’t?
How will you figure out what you need to improve?
How will you build the confidence to do something bigger and better?
You learn what works by finishing. You improve by finishing. You build confidence by finishing.
You learn by finishing.




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