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Move from Idea to Action | Note 162

It is time to stop planning and to start doing.

I’m never short of ideas. I used to tell myself that I was short of time, but once I started being honest with myself, I realized my actual issue was moving from idea to action. See, coming up with ideas is never the issue for most of us, but taking action on those ideas is.
Everyone has big ideas. Finding someone to talk to about your big idea, that’s easy. Finding someone to give you advice on your big idea, that’s easy. Finding time to work on your big idea is easy as well. Actually, taking action on your big idea, well, it’s not easy, but it’s not difficult either.
Make a list of all your ideas. If generating immediate revenue is your goal, prioritize ideas that are easy to execute with a quick return on your investment to the top of your list. Now, cross out everything on your list except three ideas. From the new list, pick the one idea that lights up your soul and work on that. 
Set aside some time to work on your goal and set a hard deadline on when you expect to reach your goal. Now that you are prepared, it is time to stop planning and to start doing. Start practicing. Move from idea to action. 




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