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You Got To Go Looking | Note 019

Do you know doors of opportunity are open to those who continually knock?


I appreciate you joining me for a brand new bite-sized motivational note to help you find clarity, get shit done, and win. Every podcast episode this week is dedicated to personal development legend Jim Rohn.


Check the podcast and view the video below for his motivational talk, “Stop Wasting Anymore Time.” One thing that really hit home for me listening to this talk is Jim’s thoughts on how doors of opportunity are open to those who continually knock.


Today’s Note: You Got to Go Looking


If you search, you’ll find it. Whatever it is you want, you have to get off your butt and find a way to get it.


As you search, you’ll start to receive signs that will point you in the direction of what it is you are looking for. For example, if you want to start a business, you must research what is needed to start a business.


If your dream is to become a published author, you can’t just wish for it, you must find out everything you can about how to publish a book.


When you go searching, you will find what you need. Whatever it is you want, you got to go looking for it.






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