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Learn to Solve Problems | Note 018

What can I do? What can I read? Who can I ask?


This week, I’m highlighting some wisdom passed along from the late Jim Rohn during one of his motivational talks. To listen to the full seminar, check the link in this podcast description.



Today’s Note: Learn to solve problems


A great problem solver is someone that effectively uses their critical thinking skills. Take your problems out of your mind and put them on paper. This simple trick has helped me, and I’m sure it will help you.


Jim Rohn believes, when attempting to solve a problem, you should ask yourself these three questions. Grab a pencil and write this down.


What can I do?
What can I read?
Who can I ask?


We love to help people who try to help themselves. It’s important to use your muscle and develop discipline by trying to solve your problems first before asking anyone else.


There’s all kinds of problems. Attempting to solve personal problems shouldn’t be confused with knowing when to seek expert knowledge and consult with someone who specializes in certain areas you need help.


There may be a day where you can’t ask someone, and you have to solve your problem, so you must learn to solve problems.






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