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Give Yourself a Chance to Change | Note 020

Do you study what you need to study to change your life?
Thank you for spending your time with me today. Closing out the week, I wanted to drop one last philosophy that Jim Rohn covered in one of his motivational speeches.


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I covered a few personal development pearls of wisdom that Jim touches on during his talk.


Today’s Note: Give Yourself a Chance to Change


Jim said, “let your library be a testimonial of your dedicated interest in accelerated personal development.”


Read what you need to read.
Hear what you need to hear.


Watch and see whatever you must.
And study what you need to study to change your life.


To change, you must refine your direction.
Let go of some things and re-evaluate.
Be prepared for change when a new door opens.


I’ll leave you with an affirmation.


You may want to write this down.


I have the power to change.
I choose to change.
I am confident in my ability to change.
I am happy I am changing.
I give myself a chance to change.


Stay motivated.







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