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Who Am I Around? | Note 191

Your associations matter.


What a glorious week, right? Well, the week is just starting, but I want you to believe that this is your week, so start by saying, “This is a glorious week.” And don’t just say it, believe it. So say it again and believe it this time. This is a glorious week.
I appreciate you joining me for another week of bite-sized motivation. I am going to do my very best to motivate you to have the most glorious week possible, starting with today’s note.
Today’s Note: Who Am I Around?
Influence is not always obvious. Do you know the people you follow on social media influence you?
The programs you watch on TV influence you. The books you read, the music you listen too, everything influences you.
How are they influencing you? Negatively or positively?
What are they taking from you?
What are they giving you?
What power do they have over you?
Do these people build you up?
Are they secretly tearing you down?
What are they doing for you?
What are these people doing to you?
Your associations matter. Look at what’s rubbing off on you? Be careful what and who you let in your conscious and subconscious.
Evaluate everything you read, watch, listen to, and everyone in your circle. If you find yourself stuck with no upward movement, it’s time to re-evaluate your influences. And that includes your friendships.
It’s a hard question, but it’s time to ask, who am I around?




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