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Protect Your Magic Time | Note 192

Are you taking your productivity seriously?


I protect my energy and my magic time at all costs. I don’t let energy vultures get me. 
Last week I talked about working very hard at having long-term empathy. I love helping people. I love offering advice. I love lending my expertise to problems I have experienced and found solutions for. Once upon a long time ago, I let people suck my energy, but those days are long gone. 
Quick story. I had a friend who fell on hard times. While on summer break from college in New Jersey, I came home to Los Angeles to take a course to graduate earlier. I offered to take my friend to/from school if she enrolled in a class. 
Making this long story short, every day, for the first week, she was not ready when I arrived at her house to pick her up. Not only did she cause me to be late to class twice, but she also was cutting into my magic time — my mornings. I get sh*t done in the morning. That’s the one time that I will never be late for a morning appointment, I’ll always get things done, I’m at y best in the mornings.
Needless to say, I evenly cut her off. I wished her the best in my head, but I had to move on. Like I said yesterday, evaluate your circle.

Today’s note was inspired by a snippet of a talk from Craig Ballantyne posted on Sean Croxton’s Quote of the Day podcast. If you have not listened to the Quote of the Day show, I want to encourage you to add it to your rotation. As a friend to the show Marian Knopp says, “listen to the Sincerely HER Podcast first, and then the Quote of the Day Show afterward.” Marian also has a great podcast called Productivity Tip of the Day, and she is preparing to launch a course all about productivity workflow, so if productivity is not your strong point, head over to and sign up. 



Today’s Note: Protect Your Magic Time


Are you taking your productivity seriously?

Do you know when you are the most productive?

Be mindful of how you are managing your time. Don’t let time vultures suck the time out of your day.

Time vultures can be your email box, Instagram notifications, or people who just want to chat. There are only 24 hours in a day. There is a brief window of those 24 hours where you’re super productive.

For some people, those hours are early in the morning. For others, those hours are late in the day. Figure out your magic time when you know you are your most productive, and set aside that time to get sh*t done.

Identify your magic time. Protect your magic time




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