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while no one is watching

While No One Is Watching | Note 406


What happens while no one is watching matters.

Most of your failures and victories will happen when no one is watching.
You build character when no one is watching. You build integrity when no one is watching.
Whether you’re right or wrong, the best time to fail or win is while you are practicing — while you are trying to figure it out. 
What happens while no one is watching matters.
Listen to those motivational speeches.
Read all the books.
Push hard in the gym.
Pick yourself up.
Put in the work.
Be better than you were yesterday.
Do what you need to succeed while no one is watching. 
Be authentically you while no one is watching. Mess up while no one is watching. That way, when someone is watching, you’ve had so much practice being your authentic self, failing, and succeeding you don’t have to worry. You are ready while someone is watching.
You prepared while no one was watching.





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