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Too Many Options

Too Many Options | Note 407


More choices don’t mean more freedom.


Too many options are a procrastinator’s worst nightmare. Can you say “decision paralysis?” And for an indecisive person, it’s like leaving a kid in the middle of a candy store. They will go all-in grabbing and dabbling anything visible, or they will stand paralyzed, not knowing what to do.
I once was that procrastinator, and at times, I definitely was like a kid in a candy store with decisions until I learned this simple mindset tip.
Decision-making is a complex task, but it doesn’t have to be. Too many choices can lead to regret, misery, fatigue, frustration, self-blame, and endless research.
Choice overload can also leave you disappointed with yourself and dissatisfied with the outcome when you finally decide. Because of this, some people become paralyzed and avoid making choices altogether.
Whatever you do, don’t decide you shouldn’t do anything because you’re struggling to make a perfect choice. More choices don’t mean more freedom. In fact, the longer you take to decide, the more diminished your decision-making ability will be.
Too many choices often lead us to be unsatisfied once we decide. So, the next time you are struggling with deciding, try this. Determine which of your options supports your goal. Then choose that option.
Remember, successful people, come to quick decisions. Successful people set goals and know what they want. They don’t make decisions that don’t support their goals. They have options but understand the dangers of too much extra time spent analyzing too many options.





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