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The Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind | Note 405


It’s imperative to be mindful of things you tell yourself.

When I first started this journey with you of discussing Napoleon Hill’s steps to riches, I talked about your thoughts being life-altering and how your thoughts are things.
Your subconscious mind obeys the commands received from your conscious mind. That’s why it’s imperative to be mindful of things you tell yourself.
In Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, he says, “Through a method of procedure, unknown to man, the subconscious mind draws upon the forces of Infinite Intelligence for the power with which it voluntarily transmutes one’s desires into their physical equivalent, making use, always of the most practical media by which this end may be accomplished.
You cannot entirely control your subconscious mind, but you can voluntarily hand over to it any plan, desire, or purpose which you wish transformed into concrete form.”
I’m sure by now you know that your subconscious mind works day and night, so you must feed it, consciously or unconsciously, positive thoughts, beliefs, memories, and actions.
Your subconscious mind believes everything, so if you want to create positive change in your life, transform any negative limiting beliefs you may have.
Grab a pencil and write these affirmations down.
Everything I create or acquire begins in the form of my DESIRE and imagination.
I take practical steps, including formulating a definite plan that leads me to riches.
I am not defeated until I quit in my mind.
I reach DECISIONS promptly and definitely because I know what I want and will get it.
I am persistent, and I understand there is no substitute for persistence because with it comes success.
I voluntarily hand over to my subconscious mind my plans, desires, and purpose I wish to transform into concrete form.
Use these affirmations when you first wake up in the morning or when you are about to go to bed for the best results.
The Subconscious Mind: The Connecting Link is Hill’s eleventh step toward riches
I talked about 9 of Napoleon Hill’s steps towards riches the past couple of weeks. I encourage you to pick up the book to learn about the other 4.





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