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What If You Do | Motivation | Note 356


You never know until you try.

You hear it all the time. You gotta do the work. But, what if you don’t need to put in the hard work?
They say everything requires hard work and, at the very least, preparation. But what if you don’t need to work hard to accomplish your goal? What if all you need is to be prepared and take action?
What if your goal is to be a painter and your work gets discovered because you gave a friend one of your paintings and their friend, who runs a famous art gallery, loves your work?
What if you wrote an article, and instead of submitting it for free publication, you submit it to a publisher paying big bucks, and they make you an offer?
In fact, I thought, what if I posted a note of encouragement and positivity each day? Would I change the world? Probably not, but maybe I can help one person, even if it’s me. And guess what, I’m now sharing those notes and helping people like you daily on the Sincerely HER podcast.
You never know until you try. You never know until you take action.
So, don’t be afraid to try. And certainly don’t fear success. Don’t fear the what if because you never know — what if you do?




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