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Opportunity or risk?

Opportunity or Risk? | Personal Development | Note 357


If you never decide, you’ll never know.

Making tough decisions often manifested into chronic procrastination for me. On a subconscious level, I believe I was trying to predict the consequences of my decisions. I pondered if the reward would be greater than the risk. Then I realized I could view everything as an opportunity or risk. You either win or learn a lesson, but you’ll never know how great the opportunity is until you decide to take action.
Almost everything is an opportunity.
Almost everything is a risk.
Whether you say yes or no, you’ll never know until you decide.
If you say yes, you’re right. If you say no, you’re right. Either way, your decision is life-changing.
Only you can decide if that decision is worth the opportunity and risk.
If you never decide, you’ll never know. So, take the first step and remember, you either win or learn.
It can be an opportunity or risk.





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