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Change How You Experience Life

Change How You Experience Life | Note 408


In your everyday life, start asking questions.


Today, I’m sharing a motivational quote and leaving you with a few life-altering questions by way of a great book I’m reading titled High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way by Brendon Burchard. The knowledge he drops in the book is too awesome not to share.
“In your everyday life, start asking, “What do I want to feel today? How could I define the meaning of the day so that I feel what I want to?” Next time you go on a date with someone, think about the feelings you want to create. Before you sit down with your child to work on math, ask, “What do I want to feel when I’m helping my kid? What feelings do I want them to have about me, about homework, about their life?” This kind of clarity and intention will change how you experience life.”
Grab a pencil and complete these sentences.

The emotions I’ve been experiencing a lot of lately are . . .

The areas of life where I’m not having the feelings I want to are . . .

The feelings I want to experience more of in life include . . .

The next time I feel a negative emotion come up, the thing I’m going to say to myself is . . .

The clarity and intention you will gain by answering these simple questions will change how you experience life.




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