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Why I Stopped Planning

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Are you forever making plans, but they don’t work out the way you envisioned them?


Wait, what? My hotel is 247 km from the airport. Wait, how far is that in miles? Wow. 154 miles. How long will that take? Roughly five and a half hours by bus.
And where do I get the bus? Across the street from the airport at IHOP. Are you serious?
Yes. I am serious. This happened to me. I flew to Costa Rica, and hours before I boarded the flight. I found out that where I was staying during my trip wasn’t exactly close to the airport.
I thought I did decent research before my trip. I thought I had made good plans. But as always, I didn’t plan well enough. I waited until the last minute. And to be honest, I just couldn’t be bothered.
My belief back then was it always works itself out. But once I learned this one thing, everything changed. My life got much better.
No matter what you do, some things don’t work out. And it’s okay.
If you find a pattern where all your plans seem to fall through like mine were, perhaps it’s time to look deeper.
I was always sure things would work out, but I realized clutter and a lack of clarity contributed to too many of my mishaps and failed plans.
It is hard to make solid plans until you declutter your mind and find clarity.
Clarity dictates your priorities. Because I lacked clarity, my priorities were always unclear, which led me to procrastinate and make last-minute plans that never seemed to pan out. I always came up short. And that’s why I stopped planning.





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