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Calm The F*ck Down

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Do you have the Emotional Intelligence to adapt to the people around you?


In the book, F*ck Being Humble, author Stef Sword-Williams writes, “Whether it’s being happy, angry, calm or diplomatic, emotions showcase your personality and help you to understand what you care about in life. When you have an awareness of your own emotional triggers and those of others around you, you will have more control over situations and can often create more positive outcomes.
This is what we call ‘emotional intelligence’, or EI. Managing your own emotions, listening to others so they feel heard, showing empathy, learning from your mistakes and being open to receiving feedback are all examples of emotional intelligence.”
Sometimes in life, we can feel like we are on an emotional roller coaster. But with confidence and by keeping an open mind, you’ll go far once you realize it’s easier to handle life’s curveballs when you calm the f*ck down.





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