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Self-Improvement | Stop Looking For Distractions | Note 267

Self-Improvement | Stop Looking For Distractions | Note 267

Do the work. Stop procrastinating.

Stop f*cking around. Stop wasting time. Stop surfing the internet. Do the work. Stop procrastinating. Be better. Do better. When this, then that.
This is all sh*t I’ve told myself a million times. I hit flows where I’m unstoppable. I do the work. I lock-in. I’m a machine. I get it done. Then there are times like the last month where the word struggling is an understatement.
Through it all, I realized I’m my biggest issue. Hell, I’m my only issue. I am stopping me.
The only way you can accomplish anything great is to curve distractions and stay focus. It’s really that simple.
Avoiding distractions altogether is ideal, but in today’s world, the need for stimulus, whether checking your email, your phone for messages, or taking a quick break to see what so-and-so is doing on Instagram, is at an all-time high. However, managing those distractions is a choice. The quicker you decide, the faster you can move towards the things you want to accomplish in life.
You can let FOMO (for those of a certain age that’s fear of missing out), worry, doubt, problems, internal or external distractions get the best of you and your time. Or you can do the work and stop looking for distractions.



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