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Motivation | You Don’t Have to Stay Stuck | Note 266

Motivation | You Don’t Have to Stay Stuck | Note 266

You have a choice.

I understand. Life throws you a bunch of unexpected curveballs. And even when you think you hit something out of the park, more bullsh*t is waiting as soon as you cross home plate.

Regardless of what has happened and what will happen, you have the right to keep going. It’s up to you to keep growing.

Being outside of your comfort zone can be frightening. Fear is a bitch. Wanting to relive the comforts of your past is familiar and safe. Thinking you are right and that you know everything is reassuring. But unfortunately, all those safe feelings are keeping you stuck.
Believing that you can’t be better, believing that you can’t achieve more, or believing that you aren’t good enough, are getting in the way of you moving forward and being the best you possible.
You have a choice. You can stay safe and secure in your comfort zone, or you can live a life of joy, happiness, and adventure.
You don’t have to stay stuck.



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