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Quote | What You Recognize, You Energize. | Note 268

Quote | What You Recognize, You Energize. | Note 268

You give your weakness power.

You may not realize this, but you are energizing most of the negativity in your life. You give your weakness power every time you think about it, claim it, and speak on it.
As the great, late Rev. Ike said, “What you recognize, you energize. Now, don’t you ever forget that. What you recognize within yourself, you will energize. If you recognize your weakness, you will even give power to your weakness. My goodness. If you recognize your faults and your failures, you will energize your faults and failures. If you recognize your mistakes, you will energize your mistakes. And be careful what you say about yourself. Never call yourself forgetful, even jokingly. Never call yourself dumb, jokingly. Never put yourself down, jokingly.”
Don’t put yourself down.
Don’t let anyone else put you down.
Stay positive.
Speak positively.
What you recognize, you energize.



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