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3 Tips to Overcome Self-Doubt

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Beating yourself up is a waste of time.

Self-doubt will keep you stuck like a rat trapped in a wooden rat trap. Actually, I don’t like that visual. Perhaps a fish caught on a hook is better.
I find two reoccurring themes in speaking with creatives and entrepreneurs. Self-doubt and not knowing what their super-sized goal is. I never imagined it was so hard to figure out what you want in life, but for many, it is. And even for those that know, some struggle and doubt they can accomplish their goals.
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Are you ready to kick self-doubt to the curb?
Beating yourself up about something you did and doubting yourself for what should of, could of, or would’ve been is a waste of time. Make a decision, be decisive, and role with the outcome.
If you find yourself doubting your ability or decisions, try using these three bite-sized tips.
Tip #1
Forget What “They” Think
Don’t worry about receiving validation from other people. Fuck them. What people think of you is their business. More importantly, it doesn’t make you or break you. What matters is your opinion about yourself.
Tip #2
Stop Self-Sabotaging Yourself
Instead of engaging in negative self-talk, pick yourself up with positive affirmations. Tell yourself you are beautiful. Know that you can do it. Stop procrastinating and do the work. Make plans and stick to them. Get out of your own way.
Tip #3
Remind Yourself That You Are One-of-a-Kind
There is only one of you. You are unique. You are you for a reason. Even if you haven’t figured out your purpose, don’t worry. Know that you are on this earth for something.
You won’t always have the answer to every problem, but please remember these three tips to overcome self-doubt.



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