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Be Your Own Guru

Motivation | Be Your Own Guru | Note 281

Connect with yourself.

In a previous note, I believe Note 81, I mentioned you can spend a bag of money taking online courses, hiring coaches, and gurus hoping they will tell you how to feel and what to do. But, here’s a thought for you. Why not be your own guru?
Instead of seeking generic advice that isn’t one size fits all, tap into your inner wisdom. Connect with yourself. After all, you know you better than anyone else.
Stop stressing about what’s right or what wrong and what happened or what could happen. Ask yourself some tough questions like what am I fearful of? Why do I feel stuck? What’s stopping me.
Analyze your past, learn from it, and move on. Step into your future. Think about what you want your future to be and what you need to be successful. Start by quieting your mind and getting down to the actual issue.
The ability to feel and observe everything you’re dealing with without reacting or judging will help you connect and heal.
The great best-selling poet and philosopher Rumi said, “The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen.” 
Be your own guru.



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