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Run With Thinkers, Not Whiners | Note 189

There are whiners and thinkers. Which are you?

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Today’s Note: Run With Thinkers, Not Whiners

Change yourself first.
Trying to change other people will not work. Nobody wants to be taught by lecture, but people can be led through inspiration. Lead by inspiration. Inspire others with your actions instead of trying to change them. As Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in others.”
Pin your life down.
Design a plan and let life respond to your plans. You’ll be surprised at how often you can pin life down when you make the first move.
Run with the thinkers.
There are whiners and thinkers. Which are you?
Thinking will create your motivation and your relationships. Hang out with whiners, and you will most likely become a whiner.
Whiners almost always complain and find fault with everything and everyone. Thinkers come up with ideas and present potential solutions.
It’s time to stop whining and start coming up with solutions. It’s time to run with thinkers, not whiners.




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