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Come to Your Own Rescue | Note 188

You are worthy of happiness.

At all times, you must be honest with yourself, and yesterday was a moment for me where I knew I needed to share my struggles. I felt much better after sharing what was in my heart. Sometimes you have to be your own therapist.
“The notion that “no one is coming” was somehow terrifying to accept. The idea that no one was going to rescue me from my circumstances is an idea that I might never have accepted. That idea sounded too much like the final abandonment. It contradicted all my childhood self-programming. (Many of us, even as grown-ups, devise very elaborate and subtle variations on the “I want my mommy” theme.)”
“When you accept the idea that “no one is coming” it is actually a very powerful moment, because it means that you are enough. No one needs to come. You can handle your problems yourself. You are, in a larger sense, appropriate to life. You can grow and get strong and generate your own happiness.”
The above passage s from the book 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever by Steven Chandler.
You are worthy of happiness. Challenge the self-deception you have and the weakness in your thinking. Come to your own rescue.




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