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Release Anything That Doesn’t Serve You | Note 157

If you don’t free yourself, who will?

How many of you are into horoscopes? Admittedly, when I was young, I loved reading books on horoscopes. I enjoyed seeing if I was compatible with the guys I may have been smitten with. 
Today, I rarely pay attention to what the astrologers say. I’m too busy reading books about personal development and listening to motivational speeches. If you haven’t figured it out. Motivation is my jam.

Any hoot, as I like to say, I glanced at my horoscope, and it had one-word “release.” The explanation was just how I like it, short and sweet. After all, I am the queen of bite-sized motivation. It basically said, I needed to let go of some things.

Today’s Note: Release Anything That Doesn’t Serve You

If you don’t free yourself, who will?
Worrying about if someone likes you or if you’re pretty enough or if you’re good enough won’t solve much. Worrying only keeps you a prisoner of your thoughts. The more you worry about things that you can’t change, the more you become your own worst enemy. It all sounds cliché, but it’s true.
Why not try releasing your self-doubt and stop with the unnecessary worrying? Do you know you have to free yourself from the weight of your baggage? That includes friendships, old grudges, old clothes, junk, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and your search for validation from others.
You must release the things that are holding you down. Release anything that doesn’t serve you.




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