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Figure Out Who You Want To Be | Note 156

Do you have the confidence to be that person?

Be honest with yourself. Who do you want to be? Now ask yourself, “do you have what it takes to be that person?” Do you have the confidence to be that person? Are you willing to let your current self die (figuratively) to be the person you want to be?

Only a chosen few figure out who they want to be at an early age and become that person. Most of us have no clue until later in life, and as I like to say, it’s okay. The sooner you figure out who you want to be, do what you are created to do, and what you’re passionate about doing, the happier you will be.
Embrace who you are now. The more you focus and believe in yourself, the faster things will happen for you.
Believe in yourself more than people believe in you. Get your journal out, and every day write about the person you want to be. Use the words ‘I am’ to describe yourself.
Develop confidence and remember, if you aren’t happy, figure out who you want to be fast.




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