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Don’t Eat Sh*t | Note 193

Do you have the courage to put an end to it?


“Never eat sh*t (If it looks like sh*t, and it smells like shit, and it tastes like sh*t… it’s shit.)

If you’re in a relationship (with your boss, supervisor, partner, or client) and you suspect that you are continually being used and/or abused, admit it — you’re eating sh*t.

Without the courage to put an end to it, you’ll never create great work. Put an end to it.”

The quote I just read is from the book Damn Good Advice (for people with talent) by George Lois.


Today’s Note: Don’t Eat Sh*t

At some point, we all have eaten sh*t.
No, not literally. But we have been used.
We have not been treated as expected.
We have found ourselves in not so ideal circumstances.
Perhaps your relationship is the source of negative surprises.
We have eaten sh*t.
I don’t know about you, but I stopped taken sh*t from anyone for any reason a long time ago.
You can put an end to it.
Just have the courage.
Don’t eat sh*t. 



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