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Personal Development: Plan and Purpose | Note 181

Set yourself up for success.


It’s 2020! You made it. We made it.
Hiya! Happy Monday. Welcome to the Sincerely HER podcast. I’m glad you started your week with some bite-sized motivation.
Let’s cut the fluff and get right down to it. It’s the first week of the year, and many of you have made New Year’s resolutions that you will not keep. It sounded good when you came up with all these resolutions, but the reality is most of you won’t follow through. Now, if you are looking to make some changes in your life, and want to map out a few goals, and actually accomplish those goals, let’s talk. 

This week, I’m going to give you some bite-sized motivation for things like planning, journaling, manifesting, self-improvement, and affirmations, to help you get your sh*t together. Yes, and I said that!
Get your sh*t together.

Why are you setting goals with no purpose? Have you stopped and asked yourself what’s your why?

During one of his motivational speeches, Jim Rohn proposed five simple questions everyone should ask themselves when setting goals:

What Do I Want To Do
What Do I Want To Be
What Do I Want To See
What Do I Want To Have
Where Do I Want To Go

Don’t let another day pass without having a personal development plan. Think about what you want to build in the long run. How do you want your life to be?
If you don’t have a plan or a goal, staying focused is tough. When you don’t have a plan, your attention tends to be all over the place. It is vital to know what you want to achieve and what you need to get to where you are trying to go.

What’s your purpose for wanting to do, be, see, and have, the things you on your list?

Have you figured out how long it will take and what you will need to accomplish the things on your list?
How will it feel? Can you visualize yourself achieving your goals?

Set yourself up for success by answering all the questions I asked today. Starting the new year right with a detailed personal development plan and purpose is the only way. 




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