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I Am Committed to Myself | 180

Are you going to give up or get up?

Happy Friday! Happy New Year! Wow, it’s 2021. It’s also my 180th note. Time waits for no one. Believe that.
Hey! Can you do me a favor? Better yet, do yourself a favor. Right now, this moment, commit yourself to be who you want to be, do the things you said you wanted to do, and have all the things you imagine having.
Closing out the week and starting the new year, I want to leave you with a few of my most impactful Tweets on Twitter, along with some powerful affirmations. Remember, no one is as dedicated to you like you. You are the only person you need to convince.
Believe you can do it and do it. Say what you will do and do it. Only you know whether or not you are living the life you should be living.
Don’t quit because people don’t understand your dream. Work harder.
Choose you.
Bet on you.
Believe in you.
Don’t let your enemies, haters, friends, or family discourage you from following your dreams.
It’s ridiculous to be anyone but yourself.
Are you going to give up or get up?
There is no, I should.
There is no, I will try.
There is no, I will be.
There is only I am.
Grab a pencil and write these affirmations down.
I give up all negative beliefs.
I will.
I can.
I am.
I choose myself.
I believe in myself.
I will not give up on myself.
I am committed to myself.
Thank you for joining me. Happy New Year! Bye-bye!



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