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One Way To Overcome Fear

One Way To Overcome Fear | Self-Help | Note 353

Different emotions affect our brains differently.


Fear likes to be the frontrunner in the Grand Prix of life. But in the face of hope, it loses steam, especially when hope invites allies like focused attention, mindfulness, and inspiration to the racetrack as well.
The Impact Factor
Different emotions affect our brains differently. Fear, probably for evolutionary reasons, dominates in terms of its impact factor. One of the few ways in which we can change this instinctive response is to develop an emotionally resonant, positive mission that is authentic and has a high impact factor.
For example, would you cross a raging river that threatened to wash you downstream over the edge of a waterfall? Probably not. But would you cross this same river if doing so meant you could save the life of your child? That answer requires more contemplation, and, for most, if this were the only option, the answer would be yes. In other words, fear can be overcome by an alternative priority of greater significance to you.

The excerpt above is from the book Life Unlocked by Dr. Srini Pillay.
So, how do you overcome fear? A high impact factor like hope is One Way To Overcome Fear.




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