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Not Everyone Will But Enough Will | Note 017

Do you believe most people will do the right thing?


As mentioned in my previous note, “If You Keep Knocking, You’ll Find Open Doors,” every episode of the podcast this week is inspired by a Jim Rohn motivational talk I came across on YouTube titled “Stop Wasting Anymore Time.”



During one of Jim’s personal development seminars, which I have linked in the podcast description, he talks about how enough good people will make it right and do what’s right.


As he dived deeper into his point about learning to have patience, finding righteous like-minded people, and believing that most people will do what’s morally right, I couldn’t help but immediately think about relationships and attracting your tribe.


Today’s Note: Not Everyone Will But Enough Will


Do you believe most people will do the right thing? Usually, enough good people will finally make it right, but considering we learn by association and the people we are around, it’s important to surround yourself with enough who will.


Always seek relationships that bring you up rather than bringing you down. Manifest and attract people that will do right by you.


Every relationship you have is important. Often times, people come to you as lessons and every one of those relationships has a purpose.  


Keep in mind, not everyone that you come across is destined to be part of your tribe.


Not everyone will be for you, but enough will.






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