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“I Trust The Process” — Payal, Affirmation Addict

“I Trust The Process” — Payal, Affirmation Addict | Note 365


Let go of the need to control.

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Today’s affirmations are courtesy of Payal from Affirmation Addict. If you aren’t familiar with her, she has a podcast, YouTube channel, and an app. Payal provides all sorts of affirmations to help you with everything from manifesting money, improving your relationships, and amplifying your energy.
Today’s note: I Trust The Process
Payal wrote the following caption on Instagram:
“Trusting the process isn’t an action that we all KNOW we are doing right. It almost comes down to a feeling.
That’s the best way I can describe it.
Trusting the process feels:
Too easy
This for me, is what trusting the process feels like. It’s a little contradictory, it’s a little scattered — but I think that’s the point.”
She added the following affirmations to the Instagram post:
“Repeat after me:
I get myself to trust the process, even if I am not certain of what’s to come.
I trust that everything is happening for me, for my greatest good, and for the best for everyone.
Every doubt and fear I have begins to melt away because I am choosing to trust.
Surrounding and trusting the process becomes easier for me every day.
I’ve made it this far, and I acknowledge my journey so that I can let go of the need to control.”
Don’t forget to say, I trust the process.





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