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Get Clear On Your Priorities

Get Clear On Your Priorities | Note 366


Want to be successful?

New week. New you. Yes, new you. This week doesn’t have to be like last week. This week has the potential to be your best week ever, but that depends on you and your priorities.
There are things that you must do. There are things that you should do. And there are things that you would like to do but aren’t essential to bringing you closer to your goals.
Want to be successful?
Look at where you spend your time. Start by prioritizing your most important work and the tasks necessary to accomplish your goal. Then act on your priorities.
Spend your time working on one task at a time, start to finish before moving on to the next one, avoiding interruptions and everything else that gets in the way of you completing them. But, before you do all that, you must get clear on your priorities.





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