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Every Day Is A Great Day

Every Day Is A Great Day | Affirmations | Note 350


Life is what you make it.


I thought about doing something special like I did with the 100th note, where I provided almost 100 positive affirmations. If you missed that note, please make sure to check it out. But instead, I’m going to keep it simple but make it great.
Life is what you make it. Every day you have an opportunity to decide either to be great or mediocre. If you wake up every day with a plan and a good attitude, there is a great chance you’ll find it easier to have a great day.
Grab a pencil and write these affirmations down:
I decide that it’s all possible, and my success is inevitable.
The law of attraction brings everything positive and good to me.
I am a clear thinker, and I express myself with ease.
I am very good at anything I put my mind to.
I see abundance everywhere.
I show up every day and let myself be seen.
My perspective is unique. My perspective is important, and it counts.
I am loved just for being who I am, just for existing.
My life is incredible.
Every day in every way, I am becoming the person I wished to be.
Everything I touch today is a success.
Every Day Is A Great Day





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