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Better Use of Your Time

Better Use of Your Time | Quote | Note 488


How important is freedom of time to you?

I was listening to author Dr. Benjamin Hardy recently, and he shared a couple of books all about helping you 10X your future.
Dr. Benjamin Hardy said, “Better use doesn’t actually mean harder work. Actually, harder work is how you go 2x. Harder is how you stay in on the rat race and how you burn yourself out you’re exhausted and how you live in a world of competition. A big part of leaving this is actually leaving any ideas of competition behind. You’re not competing with anyone anymore. You’re creating a bigger future for yourself. And for the people, you want to collaborate with. Collaboration, not competition, is the key. But also giving yourself freedom of time is one of the biggest breakthroughs in your own creativity.”
Freedom of time is important. The quicker you work on yourself rather than on your business, the more likely you’ll be able to reduce the number of hours you work each week.
As you’ll realize, all the things you are currently doing are not efficient for 10x growth.
More freedom of time is necessary to 10x. Once you understand it’s better to work on yourself, the quicker you will find there is a better use of your time.





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