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Stop Asking For Opinions

Stop Asking For Opinions | Self-Improvement | Note 487


Where do you turn when you need help?

Whenever I ask for advice, I eventually do what I want to do. I make decisions based on my research and use my gut feelings.
I learned the hard way that my friend, who spent years getting a bunch of degrees and committed to working at her corporate job, may not be the best person to ask about entrepreneurship. Not that she isn’t intelligent enough, but working for someone is different from working for yourself, right?
Eventually, I stopped asking people for advice. I realized their advice was slowing me down. It either reconfirmed my thoughts or sent me down a rabbit hole of second-guessing myself.
I need expert advice, not a lot of opinions.
When you ask for advice from people who aren’t experts or haven’t been through what you’re seeking help with, all you get are opinions.
The more you ask, the more opinions you collect until you are confused or, mostly, doing it the way someone who doesn’t have evidence that their way is the correct would do it.
You’re probably better off trusting your instincts — making your own thought-decision. The worst thing that will happen if you are wrong is that you’ll learn a lesson or two from your mistakes.
So, seek expert advice, and stop asking for opinions.





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