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Ask a Better Question | Note 142

Are you seeking an opinion or expert advice?

I’m not afraid. I’m not timid, and I’m not uncomfortable in the presence of anyone, whether one-on-one or in a group setting.
I’m extraordinary when in a room of people. It gives me energy. I can work a room like no other when I’m up to it. I’ll talk to anyone and will walk away without a care of what anyone thinks of me.
I was born to talk. It’s natural for me. But am I a great communicator? Let’s say I’m a work in progress.
When seeking advice, I have a hard time asking the right questions. Why? I have always figured out how to solve my problems. I read. I Google. I watch. I listen.
Over the weekend, I had two coaching sessions. The first session was good. The coach was sharp, led the conversation, and asked the questions. The second coaching session not so much. Why? Because I was seeking advice but did not ask the right questions. I asked tough questions, but not clear and concise questions.

Today’s Note: Ask a Better Question

If you want to get the most value from your questions, keep it simple. Before asking your question, know what kind of information you want and design your questions in a way to get the best response.
Decide if you are seeking an opinion or advice. Know what kind of information you need and who you’re talking with.
Asks open-ended questions. Don’t wait to talk. Don’t think about what you are going to ask next while someone is talking. Focus on listening.
If you are not getting the feedback you need to solve your problems, change your questions. You are not asking the right questions. Ask a better question.



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