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Do You Have the Showman DNA? | Note 143

Are you ordinary or extraordinary?

“There are people who belong in front of a camera, there are people who belong in print, and there are people who belong on the air. These are extraordinary people. The ordinary ones, the ones like the vast majority of businesspeople and entrepreneurs out there, don’t have the showman DNA.”
The quote above is from the book “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Today’s Note: Do You Have the Showman DNA?

Everyone can be successful, but not everyone will be a showman. Sure, you can make money doing the same thing that Oprah does, but you will never make that Oprah kind of money because you either lack the passion, aren’t the best to ever do it, or both. It’s okay.
Some people’s destiny is to be in front of the camera and others behind it. It’s okay.
Not everyone will be a showman — not everyone can be extraordinary at everything. It’s okay.
Most people are ordinary, and it’s okay.
As long as you are honest and realistic about who you are, what you’re capable of doing, and how hard you’re willing to work to achieve your goals, you can be successful as an ordinary person. Understand, though, you only achieve the success that Oprah has when you’re extraordinary — when you’re a showman.
Do you have the showman DNA?




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