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Stop Trying To Change Yourself | Note 141

Are you committed to taking action each day?

Change is a shift in mindset. For things to change, you must take action. There is no quick fix or an overnight solution to change, but you can transform into whoever you want to be if you commit to taking action each day.
Start by accepting yourself for who you are at this moment. Decide who you want to become and imagine yourself as the person you wish to be. Watch the things you say to yourself and always surround yourself with positive people. Focus on making better decisions and take actions that reflect who you want to be.

I once read, “Whenever you find something about yourself, you want to change, you need to look for a way to reinvent it.” If you’re unhappy with your current circumstances or simply want something better than what you have, look for a way to reinvent it. And reinvention takes action.
So, wouldn’t it be much easier, and a lot faster, if you change your actions and stop trying to change yourself?



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