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You Started, Now Finish | Note 139

Are you setting realistic goals for yourself?

Starting is hard because we wait for the perfect time, not realizing there will never be a perfect time. Finishing is even harder because self-doubt creeps up. There is nothing wrong with not completing certain projects that you start, but when you develop a pattern of abandoning unfinished work, then there is a problem.
To ensure that you are successful in seeing your project from start to finish, make sure you set realistic goals for yourself before you begin. This can include creating a timeline and writing achievable steps to reach your goal.
As you work to complete your project, pay attention to obstacles like procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome. Also, you may ask questions like is it worth it, am I good enough, and why did I do this.
Instead of falling into these all familiar traps, keep going. Prove it to yourself that you can overcome any self-sabotage.
You started, now finish.



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