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There is No Perfect Time to Begin | Note 138

What’s holding you back from starting?

“One should not wait until a definite plan, including all steps needed to attain it, has been established in order to begin the journey to success. For instance, if you’re desiring financial wealth, you shouldn’t wait until you have all of the steps in place or wait for the perfect time to begin.”

The quote above is from the book “Success: Discovering The Path To Riches” by Napoleon Hill.

Today’s Note: There Is No Perfect Time to Begin

Do you have a hard time getting started on a project? Are you stuck in the planning phase? What’s holding you back from starting? If you’re waiting for the perfect time, I hate to break this to you, but there will never be a perfect time.

There will always be something. You can waste another week, another month, or another year, but why wouldn’t you rather get started now?

If you continue to wait, it will not get any easier. You’ll come up with excuses like you need more money, more time, and more information. Instead of continuing to make more excuses, why not commit now to move beyond your comfort zone and start that project? There is no perfect time to begin, so why not start now?



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