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You Have Unlimited Potential | Note 212

Start by believing in yourself. 

Once a week, usually every Tuesday, I like to share a personal story or lesson on the podcast. My hope is these lessons helps someone get through whatever they may go through. Keeping with this week’s theme, I’m sharing some words from Les Brown and how what he said hit home for me.
We don’t always know our potential, especially when we have someone talking down on us. When I was fresh out of college, one of my first jobs was at a sports agency. My immediate boss always found some reason to point out something I did that wasn’t of her liking.
I quickly saw she was threatened by me when our clients only wanted to speak to me when they called the office.
One day, I was so tired of her shit, I stood up, and with one swoop with my arm, I dumped my entire desk in the trash, said “I quit,” and walked out. She was a nasty bitch, and I was tired. I was in my 20’s and didn’t care. My co-worker chased me down the stairs and convinced me to come back. Our boss, the agency owner, called me into his office and convinced me to stay. I got a raise, and he agreed to cover some of my expenses.
I eventually left and landed a job at Ogilvy, one of the world’s greatest advertising agencies. Years after I left that job, to my surprised, I received an apology from the same immediate boss that tried to do everything to break me.
Thankfully, I was young, fearless, and didn’t take any sh*t from anyone back then. I didn’t know it at that time. I refused to let anyone limit my potential.

Today’s Note: You Have Unlimited Potential

Les Brown said, ”You have unlimited potential in you to do more than you can imagine.”
Start by believing in yourself. Don’t worry about what people do or say to you. All that matters is that you know you can and you will.
Recognize your potential. Imagine yourself doing, being, and having whatever it is you wish to do, be, or have.
Don’t let anyone shatter your confidence or potential.
Stand with confidence knowing, you have unlimited potential.



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