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You Against Your Former Self | Note 557


When will you stop comparing yourself to others?

All of it is keeping you stuck in the gap. You are stuck in what Dr. Dan Sullivan coined and Dr. Benjamin Hardy has thoroughly explained as the “Gap and the Gain.”
The gap happens when you feel like a failure or loser because you are comparing yourself with your ideas and measuring yourself against where you want to be. Being in the gap happens when you constantly compare your situation and where you are to other people.
Having too many ideas or options and taking no action is just one factor keeping you stuck in the gap.
Change of any kind requires reflection and then action. The discomfort you feel when it’s time to take action can often lead to you getting stuck in inaction.
It’s easy to blame someone or something else for your circumstances. Continuing to blame someone else for your failure contributes to getting stuck in the gap.
The movement between knowing what to do and doing it is hesitation. You’re cheating yourself when you’re stuck in the gap — stuck hesitating.
What you should have done and where you should be, as opposed to the gains — what you learned and how you improved — is the only way you should measure yourself.
Too many options, inaction, blame, hesitation, and comparison lead to you getting caught in a vicious cycle — stuck in the gap and the gain.
Why not let go and try measuring yourself against your former self?




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