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Comfort or Greatness

Comfort or Greatness | Note 556


Are you afraid to leave the things you are comfortable with behind?


The illusion of security is real. It’s so real that it stops you from going after your dreams. It keeps you sidelined and looking at your dreams from afar.
Will you spend your time looking at your dreams in the distance, or will you have the courage to go to them?
Stepping out into risk will take courage.
But why would you be scared to go into the unknown if you know greatness is waiting on the other side?
There are no guarantees when you step out into risk, and there are more probabilities than certainties in life. But we know unless you make the first step, you’ll never reach your destination.
Most people will live their entire lives standing in the distance, watching their dreams.
Will you be one of them?
Will you get out of your comfort zone?
Will you swing for the fences to reach your dreams, or will you continue to stay in a place of contentment?
Will you go towards your dreams and highest purpose with no guarantees?
Will you put your comfort on the line to get to your dreams?
Will taking the risk be worth it?
Only you can decide if the reward is worth the risk.
Being great requires you to leave your comfort zone and step into action. And the rewards of trusting you will succeed and reaching your dreams are far greater than staying in your comfort zone. In fact, comfort is standing in your way.
So what will it be? Comfort or greatness?




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