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Will She Get What She Wants? | Note 088

Not every story needs an audience, but every hero needs a guide.
“A story starts with a hero who wants something. And then the question becomes Will the hero get what she wants?”
The quote above is from the book “Building A Story Brand” by Donald Miller. In the book, Donald Miller explains, “before knowing what the hero wants, the audience has little interest in her fate.”
The same could be said about you and your story. You are the hero in your story. Not every story needs an audience, but every hero needs a guide.
People will root for you if they are invested in your story, but it’s hard to root for someone that doesn’t know what they want. A guide can show you how to get where you want to go, but first, don’t you think you should figure out what and where you want to go? Defining what you want will not only bring you clarity, but a clear direction gives you something to aim for.
People, including friends, family, and strangers will engage with you, the hero, once they know what you want. A mentor is more inclined to help you once you know what you want. A guide will gladly point you in the right direction once you know what you want.
Will she get what she wants? Only you can answer that, but an impressive start is figuring out what you want.


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