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Congratulate Yourself | Note 087

There is something affirming about celebrating your wins.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, they say.
Celebrate your wins, they say.
You are amazing, they say.


That’s all good, but none of it matters if you don’t say these things to yourself.
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I listen to what my mentors and people I respect say. But, I listen to what I say.
I used to never reflect on anything in the past.
If it was bad, it didn’t matter because it was in the past.
If it was good, it didn’t matter because it was in the past.
It wasn’t until someone told me how impressed they were with all the things I accomplished that I realized it was okay to celebrate my wins even if they were in the past — it’s okay to congratulate myself.

Today’s Note: Congratulate Yourself.

Something is affirming about celebrating your wins. Call it momentum. Call it an ego boost.
Sure. Celebrating your success with friends and family can validate your feelings, but when you acknowledge all the progress you have made, it makes you want to do more and be more.
No matter how big or small your progress may be, take the time to congratulate yourself.


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